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Several International brand names viz: EURAIL, AMTRACK, JAPAN RAIL, BRITRAIL, SWISSRAIL, etc., Representatives selling these passes in India recognize us as their Agents. So also, India's very own International Best Sellers, INDRAIL pass & 'PALACE ON WHEELS', operated by RTDC/Indian Railways recognize us as Agents.

With our years of experience and recognition, we can give you a wealth of information, on all the above products of various railways, from TimeTable, to making the right choice of the Best Value Pass, in line, with your travel plans. However, we do not accept point-to-point reservations in India on Indian Railways or elsewhere in the world on any railways.

With the best forms of communication at our disposal, we can effect bookings where possible and required. Obtain the Passes on your behalf, with little notice.

We also promote and sell the world famous 'Ameripass' bus tickets of GREYHOUND for travel in U.S of A & CANADA.

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