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As, pioneers in the concept of selling cruises in India, we have been successful in being recognized as leaders in this field of activity, by several leading Cruise Lines viz: CUNARD, ROYAL CARIBBEAN, CELEBRITY, EPROTIKI, P & O, STAR CRUISES, etc. A few of our earlier promotions can be seen in, 'ARCHIVES'.

With our years of experience, we are in a unique position to guide you, in making the right choice in selection of a dream sailing, making it possibly, 'THE MOST ENCHANTING VACATION OF YOUR LIFE'. Consult us first, we can help you choose with several cruise options the worldover, depending on your budget & time. Which ship? [cabin-grade-deck-sailing, etc.] Where & When?

Cruising need not be expensive, as recognized Agents several Cruise Lines keep us informed with brochures & tariff, as also, 'SPECIAL DEALS' they have to offer in different parts of the world, look into our Special/ Promotions you may come across something interesting.

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